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The Cotillion Label was a subsidiary of Atlantic.

The first Cotillion label was gray/blue with black printing. "Cotillion" in a yellow box above the center hole. At the bottom of the label is "MFG. BY ATLANTIC RECORDING CORP., 1841 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, ."

The second Cotillion label is pink on the edges fading to purple in the middle with black printing. Above the center hole is a drawing of a record that forms a "C", below the C is "COTILLION". This label was used from the mid-1970s on.

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Yet when Rayne left Nan and swiftly set up home with pregnant Prue, Nan was remarkable — even saintly — in her magnanimity.

The Originals, often called “Motown’s best-kept secret”, were a successful Motown R&B and soul group during the late 1960s and the 1970s, most notable for the hits “Baby, I’m For Real“, “The Bells” and the disco classic “Down To Love Town”. Formed in 1966, the group originally consisted of bass singer Freddie Gorman, baritone (and the group’s…

On a small hill above the crashed ship: used in the Restoration Story mission), a ghost and loot chest are in the small shed atop the hill. Watch out for Fallen Dregs and Vandals!

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All songs written by Beck, John King and Michael Simpson , except where noted.
Produced by Beck Hansen and The Dust Brothers, except where noted.

Rasputin's Stash - The Devil Made Me Do It / Hit It And Pass ItRasputin's Stash - The Devil Made Me Do It / Hit It And Pass ItRasputin's Stash - The Devil Made Me Do It / Hit It And Pass ItRasputin's Stash - The Devil Made Me Do It / Hit It And Pass It